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It is time to prepare and complete your PRISM Assessment.

Follow the checklist below to provide you with the best outcome:


Assessment instructions.

  • You will receive your online assessment link, username and password via your registered email address 
  • You will need to complete your assessment within 10 working days
  • The assessment consists of three components:

A. Role Benchmark: You will receive (via email) a role description and complete a role benchmark using the benchmark planner

B. Online Assessment: the online assessment is a timed assessment and must be completed in 1 sitting. You can view the video under the tab PRISM Assessment Video which will give you further insight about the online assessment. It contains 3 sections:

  1. The brain: there will be 5 multiple choices questions pertaining to the brain
  2. The PRISM model: there will 3-4 multiple choice question and 1-2 (100 word) short answers pertaining to the PRISM model
  3. Role Benchmark: You will upload the role benchmark that you completed (component A)

C. Conduct a PRISM debrief: You are required to conduct and record a PRISM debrief (45- 60 minutes). This recording is to be sent to 



The Online assessment is an open book assessment. Here you will find a summarised booklet that we encourage you to download and become familiar with. When you are ready to undertake the assessment you can refer to the booklet if needed.

Click on the link below to access the revision book:

REVISION NOTES PRISM Practitioner Certification Training


The following video provides you with further insight about what to expect when completing the online assessment:

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